index (f&o)

Index (F&O) Service

This service is designed for traders who are actively involved only in Index. In this service you will get specialized recomendations designed only as per the needs of index trader.


Econological Service

This is a unique service for short term investors. In Econological package calls are given on the basis of Fundamental

Data f2

Data F2 Service

DATA F2 is designed for those traders who like to trade in MCX Market on Behalf of international data and events like

Aim Smart

Aim Smart Service

AIM SMART is a theme based investment strategy where we will help you to achieve your Financial Goal.

Market Rider

Market Rider Service

Market Rider facilitates Aggressive clients who wants to capture every pit & peak movement of the market.

Be positional

Be Positional Service

This package is designed for traders who aim for big return from equity market with a minimum risk by keeping positions hold.